A sweet sojourn from the busyness of life.

This blog is a journal of forays into my loves of creative writing,
humor, and photography. It is a departure from daily stresses.
Some of life's greatest journeys are detours.

The real act of discovery is not in travelling to distant lands
but rather in seeing with new eyes. - Marcel Proust

Friday, July 31, 2009

Less Jiggle to the Wiggle

"Less jiggle to the wiggle" that is my renewed fitness goal. After a summer
of eats, treats, and overall abuse my body is no longer speaking to me so I am called to action. Yes I admit to a checkered past when it comes to a commitment to diet and fitness. I have tried many approaches; “Sit and be fit” the ever popular “Teeny Korean girl” diet which included Kimchi and mountain hiking- actually this one worked for a while.South Beach and most recently, Lake Michigan Beach Diet (this one did NOT work
the main focus was hot dogs, Gin and tonic and S’mores) So here I sit in carb withdrawal wondering where to turn. I have been in major denial, I know. All of my diets come down to this agonizing truth; EAT BETTER, MOVE MORE.

So it is the dawn of a new day. I rise with fire in my eye and dimples in my cheeks.
(Well ok…I have dimples in ALL my cheeks about now but that is all going to change)
I went to a wellness class where the speaker urged us to find the physical activity that we love. Find your “get to” she said rather than your “have to”.
This made sense until I scanned my life for my current “get to” activities. In all honesty, not many of my get tos involved activities where you sweat.
Hmm truth be told, my get tos mostly involve eating, talking, reading, writing, taking pictures of cool stuff, or traveling to places where I do the previously mentioned activities.
So in this quest for change, I realize that it can really work with the help of a great self sales job and a suitable rewards program. (Chocolate may be a factor)
And so it begins… today I am dancing and singing loudly to my Ipod. This is a great start, then on to my rightful reward.

Remember I’ll be pulling for ya. Soon there will be..
Less jiggle to the wiggle

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Study in Joy

I am continuing my study in Joy, keeping daily reflections of those treasured moments that make life worth living. I would like to share with you these sentiments that
describe what Joy means to me.

A Forever Friend
I am making a friend of Joy
I bask in the warmth of her goodness
I relish the sweet experience of her.
Nose-to-toes, body and soul
She is a wonderful gift
For us frail beings.

I am pulled along on her wandering path
drawn to her beckoning call.
Her journey is my daily denouement
I am awakened by the gentle whispers of her sweet soul.

I listen to her irresistible song.
Calling me to dance to her rhythms
twirling and swaying
losing myself to her charms.

So I silence the din
Turn away from the cacophony
Park my car
Joy is my patient friend
Always she waits.
She is there
Joy- my forever friend .


Hope your life continues to be filled with joy. You may have to go and find it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Word

A wonderful aspect of today’s technology is opportunities for sharing;
At lightning speed we share fotos, news, highs lows-all the aspects of our lives.
A very special kind of sharing is blogging. Many blogs are like windows to a person’s soul. I have seen beautiful creative writings and sharing of all manners of creative endeavors. What a tremendous opportunity. We no longer have to wait to be”published “ to share our gifts. On one of my forays around the web I discovered Caroline’s
blog; “the Zen in you.” I would like to share a really neat suggestion that she has
It is called “One Word” You pick a word and focus on it and what it means to you.
Her suggestion was for a year. I must confess I was doubtful. Hmm what can you say about one word for a whole year? But I have been really having fun with this process.
I have chosen the word “Joy” and have maintained a Joy Calendar as well as writing in my journal.It has been wonderful to find a the joy in each day. It really changes your perspective to be open to the joy that you might miss if you weren’t looking.
I am glad I am looking….
Thanks Caroline.


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