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Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's a Red Plate Day!

You are amazing!
I received an email from a dear friend which contained only these three words and it had the power to transform my day. Something that took less than a second of time for the sender picked me up and carried me throughout the day ...well...ok...week!

It gave me pause to reflect on this amazing power of affirmation. I admit I don't routinely send out affirming messages. Rest assured I am thinking them! But I am guilty of not taking the time to let you know on a regular basis just how lucky I am that our paths have crossed.

We all want to be seen..to be recognized. When I think of the people that have mentored me in my life, I see that they saw something in me that I did not see in myself. I am so glad that they were looking! That Is a renewed goal for me-to be looking.

I am reminded of a gift that we received when the kids were young; The Red Plate.

On it the words are emblazoned You are Special Today. So whenever anyone in the family deserved special recognition like being a good helper, getting good grades, winning a race,

they were honored with the Red Plate. It was a great tradition and cost nothing you just had to be looking!

Well I think we all need more Red Plate days in our lives!

So I am sending you the Red Plate today! You are special and I recognize it and appreciate it!

It's a Red Plate Day

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  1. I received the "red plate" years ago from my own mom and have used it to celebrate so many occasions with our family. My son and DIL just had their first child and I bought them one. I found the cutest poem to go with it here:
    http://www.celebrationideasonline.com/bridal-shower-gift-idea.html Such a priceless gift.